Traditions are practices that are passed down between generations. Sport and Recreation, including hunting, is considered a tradition that requires a great amount of skill, patience, and dedication. Three valuable characteristics that are often taught best by our predecessors—such as a father, grandfather, uncle, or friend. For some, the tradition of hunting partners and teammates are simply a means for bonding, and three long-time friends—Tom Albrecht, Shane Strickler, and Paul Lamm—believe this to be true. 


After Tom’s father fell victim to cancer in 1999, both Shane and Paul, along with their fathers, made it their mission to keep Tom engaged with the tradition of hunting. Year after year, they would make an annual trip to the Rooster Ranch to enjoy a day in the field hunting pheasants. That tradition provided an opportunity to celebrate friendship, strengthen their character, and remember those that were responsible for introducing them to sport and